Noah Syndergaard strikes out seven straight against Nationals

Noah Syndergaard does not appear to be far off his All-Star form in 2016 as he struck out seven straight Nationals batters in an 8-5 Grapefruit League win for the Mets Thursday.

As impressive as the scoreless outing was over 3 1/3 innings, he was the first to say he was not at his best.

The truth is, the Mets have a talented roster on the whole. But as always with the team from Queens, their issues lie on the training table.

Last season, Conforto missed time with the aforementioned shoulder injury. Cespedes landed on the DL thanks to his piano-string hamstrings and played in exactly half the season.

And then there’s that pesky rotation, which faces issues every year. Hopefully, Noah Syndergaard decided adding 17 pounds of muscle as he did last offseason was a terrible idea. (Reminder: It was as bad of an idea as showering with a toaster.) Matt Harvey used to be the hero that the Mets needed, but now he’s become an afterthought in their rotation. Zack Wheeler has seen the mound so few times in recent seasons that he probably forgot what dirt under his cleats feels like.

But the Browns still have a bunch of space to work with under new general manager John Dorsey.

Expect the team to still make a splash or two in free agency, but the biggest impact Friday is that it probably takes the team out of the market for AJ McCarron .

After McCarron won a grievance making him an unrestricted free agent , a reunion between Hue Jackson and the Cincinnati Bengals backup quarterback was almost considered inevitable. After all, the Browns came close to trading second- and third-round picks to Cincinnati for McCarron in October.

But Taylor now fills that veteran role, and the Browns can use one of their two first-round picks to take a franchise quarterback to build around for the future.

Cleveland addressed three of its biggest needs Friday and left itself the room and ability to go after another big fish in free agency. It just probably won’t be McCarron or any other quarterback.

How will this affect the Browns’ draft plans?

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